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Alisha Sedor, Esq.

Founder, Coach and Consultant

Alisha Sedor is a multifaceted professional whose passions include coaching and development, diversity and inclusion, social justice, and driving success through process and program improvement.

In addition to founding Poros, she is Senior Manager of Customer Experience Quality, Training, and Development at Harry's. Alisha graduated from Colgate University with a BA in Philosophy, holds a Juris Doctor from University of Minnesota Law School, is a former member of the South Dakota State Bar and active member of the New York State Bar. 

Prior to joining Harry's, Alisha served as Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota from 2010-2013. Her passion for service in reproductive rights and justice has been fulfilled by serving on several boards over the years including Professional Students for Reproductive Justice, the South Dakota Campaign for Health Families, South Dakota Advocacy Network for Women and currently as board chair of The Doula Project. Always striving to add breadth to her expertise, Alisha is a graduate of several leadership and management programs, including but not limited to Lifelabs Manager Training, Camp Wellstone, the YWCA (now EmBe) Women’s Leadership Program, the National Women Law Center’s Progressive Leadership and Advocacy Network, and Talentedly’s Rising Leader Program.

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Emma Hickey

Senior Content Contributor

Emma is the Senior Content Contributor for Poros Consulting and Coaching, as well as a freelance writer. She’s worked at three different New York City start-ups and has experienced firsthand many stages in the lifecycle of a start-up. She’s contributed to the process of building a company from both the perspective of a Customer Support team and a People Team, and has launched and contributed to various culture-driving initiatives. It’s these experiences Emma draws upon in her writing for Poros.

When she’s not writing for Poros, Emma writes fiction and cultural criticism. You can read more of her work here

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