Poros Pro Tip: Always Thank Your Interviewers

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Thank you notes have become a bit of a lost art. Much of our working world is becoming much more casual, and that might make you think sending a thank you note is no longer necessary. However, it’s still so important to show gratitude and follow-up after an interview.

Why should you send one? Well, for one, if Ariana Grande can take the time to thank her exes, we can take 5 minutes to send a thank you to those who might hold the keys to our career in their hands. On a more serious note, sending a thank you might make the difference between getting the job and being passed over. Taking the time to send a thank you note to your interviewers emphasizes your interest in the role. It keeps you top of mind and might make the difference between you and another equally positioned candidate. It could serve as a conscious point in your favor for the hiring manager, or subconsciously give them a positive feeling about you that nudges your application into the “yes” pile.

So, what should you actually send?

1. An Email Within 24 Hours

Send a thank you email to your interviewers within 24 hours. Some companies will make a decision on a candidate within a few hours, others might take weeks, but to be safe sending a thank you as soon as possible is essential. Make sure to send a note to each interviewer if you met with more than one!

2. A Hard Copy Thank You Note

This is not 100% necessary, but is a really nice touch that might help you stand out from the crowd! To get them out quickly, you can get the names of your interviewers from the hiring manager or recruiter before the interviews and bring notes with you to leave or mail immediately following the interview. If you send both an email and a hand-written thank you, you have the advantage of bringing yourself top of mind again with the interviewer a few days after the interview.

Be ready by getting yourself some stationary - a lovely pattern, something that says “thank you,” or a monogram are all appropriate. I like moo.com if you want to design your own, or head to any Target, Walmart, drug store, stationary store, or hop on Amazon. Pick something you like that will make taking the time to send a note a little more fun!

Depending on the company, you might meet with just one person or you might come back for multiple rounds of interviews. When there are multiple rounds, send an additional thank you email each time. If it’s with the same interviewers, you can keep it short and sweet. Something like:

Dear [Interviewer],

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss the role with you in more detail. I’m looking forward to the next steps in the process! Let me know if you need anything else from me in the meantime.


[Your Name]

Some folks may wonder whether you should send a thank you if it’s an internal position that you’re interviewing for. I say yes! There’s no harm done in sending something, so why not? You also have the advantage of being able to get a hard copy to internal interviewers quickly by dropping it on their desk or using your internal mail room process. Everyone likes being thanked for their time and work, interviewers are no different.

Once you’ve sent a note, your work is done! Treat yourself to something to celebrate a job well done. You may or may not receive a reply. Some hiring managers reserve a reply until after a decision has been made; this doesn’t mean you bombed the interview.

If it has been a while since you sent a thank you and you’re wondering how the decision making process is going, it’s appropriate to send a follow-up to the recruiter or your primary contact after a week or so. You can send something like:

Dear [Name],

I was so thrilled to interview with [the company], thank you again for the opportunity. I wanted to check in on the current status of my candidacy. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can provide to help with the decision. Thanks very much!


[Your Name]

Last, but not lease: Be professional and proofread. This is going to be one of your last impressions on your interviewers and you want to make it a good one. Check for typos, don’t use emoijs or memes in emails, just keep it simple. You don’t need to be stiff, but take it up a notch from how you might text a thank you to a friend. This is business after all!

As always, Poros is here to help you through the process should you need it so reach out any time!

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