What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be, According to Your Sign?

By Emma Hickey

With Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and the winter solstice all behind us, it’s time we shift our energy from thinking about the year passed to thinking about the year ahead. The New Year is only a few days away, and it’s a great opportunity to embrace new beginnings and set your intentions. And if you’re having trouble coming up with your resolution, why not turn to the stars and find your answer in the zodiac?

For those hesitant to hand over their goals for the New Year to the forces of astrology, consider this: the New Year begins on January 1st because of the solar calendar. It’s determined by the sun, as is your astrological sign—also known as your sun sign. The interconnectedness of the sun abounds! Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, it’s undeniable that the influence of the sun is wrapped up in the start of a new year and in your horoscope, so it only makes sense to use astrology to guide your resolutions.

You may want your New Year’s resolution to help you improve at work, advance your career, become a more supportive partner, or simply get along better with your mom. Any which way, the guidance of the stars can help you reach those goals. Take a look at the best New Year’s resolution for each sign of the zodiac.


(Approx. March 21st - April 19th)

You have the energy and the spirit of a leader. If you haven’t already harnessed this into a leadership role somewhere in your life, now is the time. A word of caution, though: just like the ram that symbolizes your sign, your leadership style is colored with a bit of aggressive. Rams butt heads and so do you. In the New Year, you must accept this about yourself so that you can correct it. When you feel yourself going on the attack—and you must acknowledge that you will indeed find yourself in this position—take a breath, and force yourself to lie down (metaphorically or otherwise). In the New Year, you should smooth out the rough edges of the way you lead and be less combative.


(Approx. April 20th - May 20th)

You like structure. You thrive on stability. You’re a hard worker and you perform best within a framework you recognize and understand. Your comfort zone is within a routine, and while there’s certainly value in that, in the New Year you ought to make it your goal to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and outside the bounds of your routine. You don’t have to go crazy—no need to torture yourself by completely abandoning your beloved schedule—but it’ll do you good to get more comfortable with the unknown by putting yourself in new situations.


(Approx. May 21st-June 20th)

In the new year, you need to focus on your interior self. The blessing of Gemini is that you’re extremely adaptable. You fit in well with all sorts of people, in part due to the duality of your nature as represented by the twins, but that can sometimes cause you to forget your own identity. This year, take the time to look inward. Figure out who you really are. Blending in with others is great, but without a strong sense of self, you run the risk of losing yourself.


(Approx. June 21st - July 22nd)

You have a tendency to withdraw when things get tough, especially emotionally. We all have that instinct, of course, but you give into it more than you don’t. You’re a nurturer—your preferred way to interact with others is as their caretaker—and when circumstances force you into a position where you have to play a different role, you’d prefer to hide in your crab shell and isolate yourself. This year, you need to fight that self-protection-above-all-else instinct which is often the downfall of your personal relationships. Next time you’re presented with a complex emotional situation, don’t remove yourself. Stay present and address the issue in the moment so that it doesn’t linger.


(Approx. July 23rd - August 22nd)

It’s in your nature to put yourself out there. You’re bold, you’re charismatic, you’re welcoming, and you know it. You have an ego, for sure, but it’s a fragile one, and therein lies the double edged sword of being a Leo. By inserting yourself into leadership roles, into the spotlight, and into the thick of whatever it may be, you open yourself up to more criticism than most, and you’re more sensitive to it than most. Your New Year’s resolution must be to develop a thicker skin. You’re not a hundred dollar bill, not everyone will like you, and you need to learn how to handle that reality.


(Approx. August 23rd - September 22nd)

They say there’s no such thing as a happy perfectionist, and if that’s true then there’s no such thing as a happy Virgo. You’re hard working to a fault. No matter how complete anything is, like a true Virgo you can always find more to do. Make it your New Year’s resolution to challenge the Virgo stereotype as a nitpicker and fight off your perfectionist nature. Know that you’re doing a good job and your best isn’t just your best, it’s likely the best. Lean into the confidence you deserve to feel, and don’t dwell on your perfectionist inclinations.


(Approx. September 23rd - October 22nd)

Forever the mediator, in your quest to always find the middle ground, you’re often unable to sustain a strong perspective. It’s rare you stand your ground. Because you’re apt to see every side of an issue, you’re easily swayed from back and forth and rarely land on an opinion of your own. Not only is this unproductive, the people around you find it irritating. In the New Year, you need to be more decisive. Being diplomatic is a good quality, but being wishy washy isn’t.


(Approx. October 23rd - Nov 21st)

In the New Year, you need to be more forthcoming with your emotions. Scorpios are notoriously emotional, but they’re also notoriously secretive and this isn’t exactly the best combination. The people around you know when you’re upset, sure, but because of your withholding nature they often can’t figure out why you’re upset. Since you’re not inclined to tell them, nothing ever gets resolved. Instead of obscuring the truth of your emotions from your friends and family, shine a light on them. Be more transparent. It’ll lead to a happier, healthier New Year.


(Approx. November 22nd - December 21st)

Everything you do, you do fast. Quick to anger, quick to love, quick to forgive, quick to get bored...some might call you flaky but you prefer to see yourself as seeking the next great adventure. You always intend on finishing what you’ve started—you’re an optimist, after all—but it’s rare that you see things through to the very end without abandoning them out of boredom. In the New Year, you need to commit yourself to committing yourself. Once you start something, commit to seeing it through to the end. Complete a project, be where you say you’re going to be, do what you say you’re going to do. Restlessness is in your nature, but you must resolve to giving into it less.


(Approx. December 22nd - January 19th)

The opposite of a Sagittarius, you never give up anything you start. Your symbol is the mountain goat for a reason—these cliff climbing creatures are persistent, especially when traversing the toughest terrains. You’re known for your sticktoitiveness, even when it’s to your own detriment. If you don’t like a book, you’re allowed to stop reading it, you know. Don’t let your ambition get in the way of your happiness. Your New Year’s resolution must be to let go of the mentality that you need to finish things just for the sake of finishing. Spend your energy and your ambition on the things that deserve it. After all, you may have limitless amounts of drive, but there’s only a finite amount of time.


(Approx. January 20th - February 18th)

You’re a free spirit. A true air sign, you love to blow in the wind—to the point that you don’t allow yourself to make deep, personal connections that may get in the way of your nomadic tendencies. It’s hard to wander around when you have roots, so you don’t allow yourself to plant any. You often wander with a purpose, of course. You’re a humanitarian at heart and love to help others, but you don’t love to help yourself. It’s time to change that in the New Year. You may hate anything traditional, but there’s a reason humans seek companionship. This year, give yourself permission to really get to know someone, and let them really get to know you. That type of connection will benefit you more than you know.


(Approx. February 19th - March 20th)

You’re intuitive, and your patience knows no bounds. You’re the most tolerant of the signs, which serves you well when meeting new people. You can identify with anyone, anything, and any struggle, but in the New Year you must remember: there’s nothing glamorous about suffering and pity parties aren’t fun for anyone. It’s a blessing to be truly empathetic, but it’s important that you don’t allow yourself to get lost in the suffering of others. As a New Year’s resolution, you should also be mindful of keeping your empathy from becoming performative. Nobody likes martyr.

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