Journaling Styles for to Help You Reach Your 2019 Goals

I was encouraged to start professional journaling 2 years ago as part of a coaching program I was in, and I’ve found the habit to be so helpful that I’ve kept it up. As we dig into the new year, many folks are doing some self-reflecting and thinking about the year to come.

I’d recommend journaling if it’s not something that’s already part of your daily routine; there are many benefits that vary by the style of journaling you partake in. I’ve listed some of the more common and/or trendy styles with a short summary below! Good luck on your journaling adventures.

1. Bullet Journaling

This is the hot, new type of journaling that everyone seems to be talking about. Bullet journaling is a productivity and mindfulness practice that was designed by a UX designer from Brooklyn. It’s goal is to help you live intentionally, and there’s a specific methodology that makes bullet journals hyper-organized and in a way that many other journaling styles are not. If you’re looking to organize your thoughts and get intentional about goals, the bullet journal might be for you.

2. Gratitude Journals

Studies show that incorporating intentional gratitude into our lives can have a whole host of benefits, from better relationships to better sleep. This is my favorite style of journaling; I write down 5 things I’m grateful for 5 days/week. If improving your mental health and/or general attitude about life is one of your 2019 goals, this might be the style of journaling for you. By taking just a few minutes out of your day to capture a few things that you have gratitude for, you may be able to shift some of your outlook and reap some of the many benefits that researchers have identified come from practicing gratitude.

3. Brag Book

A “brag book” or “accomplishment journal” is a style of journaling where you capture your achievements on a recurring basis, big or small. I also include this style of journaling in my routine and add it once per week to my journaling time. Here, I write down things I’ve done and am proud of. Some folks like to capture a lot of detail, and for others (like myself) it’s just a few short sentences once per week. Accomplishment journaling can help you build confidence by reminding you of everything you’ve done, help you prep for a career transition by creating a list of things you can use in your resume or job interviews, and even help you prepare for your next compensation or promotion discussion for the same reason. It’s an easy reference when you need to pull out examples of times you kicked butt, so if a promotion, new job, or simply confidence building are part of your 2019 goals, a brag book might be a good fit.

4. Stream of Consciousness

If you tend to be an over-thinker (guilty), stream of consciousness journaling might be a great thing for you to incorporate into your day for 2019. For this style, you would typically set aside a specific amount of time, take a deep breath, and just start writing. You want to go wherever your mind takes you and just write whatever comes up - no editing, no stopping, just write. Some studies show that this can help quiet an over-active mind and help you concentrate better on the tasks you tackle afterward. It’s also a great way to get thoughts and feelings out on paper and out of your head, which can clear up “space” for other things. For some people, they find that this style of journaling opens up a level of creativity.

Whatever style you choose, journaling can make a big impact on your well-being, your creativity, and your productivity. Let us know if you already journal or if you give it a try in the comments!

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