I highly recommend Alisha for anyone in the process of a career change, her knowledge and experience is matched only with her optimism and encouraging coaching style.
— Allison, Ph.D., Career Coaching Client

What Our Clients Are Saying

I had the good fortune of connecting with Alisha through a mutual network, and I think her introduction was pivotal to my job search. From the beginning, Alisha was professional, confident, and assured, and over the course of our coaching sessions she imparted her attitude and approach to the job search to me. When I had initially sought out a career coach I was in the process of leaving an industry in which I had spent years building my career, and I was unsure and insecure about breaking into a new industry. Alisha was a guide for me, and our sessions evolved over time to suit each phase of my search, eventually landing me my dream job.
Initially Alisha took on the role of support, setting job search goals, building my confidence on how to tackle each step, and helping me identify what my perfect job would be. When I began to interview for my ideal job Alisha became my interview coach, practicing techniques, ideating on questions and strategy, leading mock interviews, and providing encouragement and talking me through my nerves. She empowered me to get that job and her guidance continued past the interview process, helping me not only with my offer negotiations but also my exit from my former company. 
I think my biggest takeaway from my engagement with Alisha is she helps give that nudge to keep going and that confidence to follow through, and she does this with poise, intelligence, and optimism. I would recommend her to anyone that's looking for anything from help figuring out their next steps to specific advice on approach and strategy in interviews and negotiations. Her expertise and support were invaluable.
- Christina, Product Manager, Career Coaching Client
The brief time that I worked with Alisha was transformational for me. I came to her seeking guidance on how to talk about the different jobs I've had and projects I've undertaken--how to effectively tell my professional story. Alisha helped me to identify the skills I've cultivated at work, but more importantly, to identify the values that underpin all of the work I do. Thinking through these lenses helped me to tie my story together. It helped me to articulate my professional identity, and will serve me well going forward as I choose projects to work on and advocate for my needs in the workplace. 

I will be recommending Alisha to all of my friends in need of career coaching, and I would recommend her to you, too.
- Embry, UX Researcher, Career Coaching Client
I began working with Alisha after going on many interviews with no results. I was in the process of completely changing my career from higher education to start-ups. I felt overwhelmed, lost, and defeated that my academic experience would not translate. From the very first meeting I had with Alisha, she was positive and strategically outlined an action plan for me. I immediately saw that Alisha was incredibly intelligent and savvy. Alisha is a natural mentor and coach. She patiently and quickly responded to my *many* emails with thoughtful answers, and even job listings that she thought would align with my career goals. In our meetings, she coached me on the lingo of the start-up world (something which was very overwhelming for me as I was coming from a 7 year background in education). Most importantly, Alisha changed my entire conception of myself and what I was capable of—she saw through my stress and helped me successfully (and optimistically!) pivot careers. I highly recommend Alisha for anyone in the process of a career change, her knowledge and experience is matched only with her optimism and encouraging coaching style.
- Allison, Ph.D., Career Coaching Client
In our social media fueled, headline sharing age, it's easy to talk the talk about mentorship and building one another up. Alisha sincerely walks the walk of mentorship and helping others out. I first met Alisha as my supervisor at an internship my senior year of college. Three years later, we reconnected and she offered to be a formal mentor during a tumultuous career transition. 
As the founder of Poros, Alisha has successfully walked me through identifying my values and strengths and how they will shape my career next steps. Additionally, she is always ready to take a call to walk through interview questions, salary negotiations, and general anxieties through the rollercoaster that a career search can be. 
I am empowered, more grounded, and ready to approach next steps after working with Alisha. I could not more highly recommend her as you consider your professional future. I am constantly impressed by her ability to ask questions that get to the heart of what you're working through as well as her no-nonsense approach to helping you get to where you need to be. I constantly mention that she should consider a career in crisis management/emergency medicine with the calm and confidence she inspires! I can't wait to see where Alisha takes Poros next.
- Kelly, Career Coaching Client